5 thoughts on “Welcome!”

  1. As one of many of the alumni who are planning to attend next year’s 50th anniversary celebrations many of us are trying to find out the week the event will be held so plans can be made to attend.

    Can you please get back to me with any information you have with regards to a date as I know more information will be forthcoming for the meantime I know personally I can make sure I have that week off.
    Thank you


    1. Hi Jamie,

      The date of the school celebrtaion is May 05, and the alumni event is tentatively scheduled for the weekend of May 06, I’ve been told. These dates, and more info, will be confirmed by the end of the month.

      Please contact ess50th@gmail.com for more info


      Kosta Zoes & Thibault De La Selle, Co-Chairs


  2. I have met with ESS admin and tentatively set date for weekend of May 5/6 2017. This will be confirmed after Board approval. I will definitely be looking for volunteers to join our committee which I hope to start convening meetings for in September. I’d like some older and newer alumni to create a good balance for idea and planning. Please contact the school or myself at sleep_expert@hotmail.com with your contact info and I will notify you of upcoming meetings.

    Thanks for your support and assistance.


    1. Hi Brian,
      Just to let you know that this committee is for the school celebration, which will take place May 5th 2017 and is working under Mrs Trupp, the principal of erindale SS. Contact ess50th@gmail.com with any concerns or questions, we’d like to get in contact with you.
      Thank you,
      Thibault De La Selle and Kosta Zoes, Co-Chairs


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