It’s Time to Register for the 50th Anniversary Raider Reunion!!!

Greetings Raiders! It’s time to register for the 50th Erindale Reunion!

This year, we will be using the online EventBrite Service to collect payments and ease registration.

To register, click here

Please use a valid email, so we can contact you with new updates.

See you there!


If it doesn’t work, copy and paste the link below in your browser.

If you have any questions, or concerns, please email us at

**This is the official and the only way to register for the reunion**

1 thought on “It’s Time to Register for the 50th Anniversary Raider Reunion!!!”

  1. Brian:
    You have steered this leaky boat past shoals and reefs, and landed us safely ashore. You kept on keeping on against disappointments and false promises, past exhaustion and into delirium. Your stewardship in the face of subversives and charlatans showed your true character, and we are all proud to have served with you. That school and student body will not see your like again. If there is a 60th, I hope the next generation, with names like Haycraft and Jank, can learn what they need to deliver a product like you have created here. No tears or opportunities lost; we did this thing with you, because of you.


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